May 2, 2010

Top 5 Slideshows

We have been playing around with many 2.0 tools in Grade 1 and have enjoyed learning how to make slideshows. These slideshows are great tools for the classroom because they are easy to use, visually appealing and students love them.

I made some super quick shows to show you the power of these slideshows. (You get to see my beautiful little furry ball of love in My Top 5 Slideshows!)

1. Photoshow is a lot of fun to play with. It has great themes to base your presentation around including spring, outer space, and old films. It has great features including speech bubbles, stickers and animations to spice up your show!

2. Animoto has amazing slide transitions based on the music. It speeds up if the music is quicker and slows down as the beat slows down. I especially love the text transitions in animoto. The major disadvantage to animoto is that it takes a really long time to process the show.

3. With photopeach students can make easy slideshows quickly. There are no advertisements on the presentation and it takes moments to create and process.
Princess Scoutie on PhotoPeach

4. Slide is easy and you can add as many photos as you like and it is free. The downside to this tool are the advertisements.

5. Domo Animate Slideshow is a fun way to present photos. You can use templates including Willie Nelson to jazz up the show. Princess Scoutie by iambeamer2

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