May 31, 2010

What are we learning by blogging?

We have been exploring a number of 2.0 tools including blogger and kidblogs. Blogger is a lot of fun for the Grade Ones. They love writing "for the world." They have learned the basics to online safety and are on their way to being responsible digital citizens. They know that they can "be their responsible selves, without telling the world about themselves."

(Blogger is super easy to set up for the class. Just have an email ready, (or a class account on gmail) and the students will quickly learn how to log into blogger, how to post, publish and edit. )

We have also been trying "kidblogs" where the teacher sets up an account for their class and easily adds students and guests. Here students share their expertise on something and other students and guests leave comments. You can easily moderate the comments and include other classes as guests. Students have a login name and a password to get onto the class blog.

In teaching digital citizenship, we found some valuable resources online (k-6) and thanks to the Great Kim "Webkinz," everyone can access these resources on "OURPLT."

How can you engage your students to learn the essentials of digital citizenship?

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