May 5, 2011

Who is controlling our information?

I wrote a post a while ago about google bots called "How Does Google Really Work?" and while researching how it really works I learned about google bots and began to find answers to my new question as to whether or not google bots help make searches more efficient. Some things still did not sit quite right with me, because I keep feeling like these google bots were more like "spy bots" who could tell where I have been and what I am interested in. As I am currently realizing, I was not asking the right question. The question I should have been asking is "Why do google bots seem to make my searches more efficient?

Why, in November when I was house hunting would real estate sites for Rocky appear on my facebook page, and why would advertisements appear about "Bench" clothing stores when I just came back from shopping in Calgary. I have found an answer.

While we believe that "knowledge is power" and that the internet is a "web of resources" I am starting to see that the information that is coming to me on the web is "tailored" based on my interests.

The Ted Talk below provides insight into how we are merely consumers: