Sep 5, 2010

Wow! I feel like Waldo!

I was checking out my twitter network tonight and I noticed this new background on somebody's site. There are tons of faces, even mine!

It is like "Where's Waldo?" Check me out:

After being totally pumped about this new tool, I went to twilk and made my background and it immediately filled my twitter page with my twitter PLN.

This is my twilk background. Is there any CHANCE that you see any other familiar faces?


Which blog host is the best?

Blogger, Wordpress and Edublogger are just a few places where you can create your own blog. If I am modeling blogging for my Grade 5 students and want them to experience the joy of blogging, I wonder which service to use?

Blogger is rated as the best blogging host on a number of sites including "Best Blogging Host." I can see why. You do not have to spend any money to have control over your blog and the layout is very user friendly. You have total control over all of your settings including privacy settings. It is also pretty fun to create a blog here, because of all of the templates and designs that users can use.

Wordpress is similar to blogger and is rated as the third best blogging host site. The themes and designs are very powerful and it is pretty easy to use. The downfall with Wordpress is that you have to download and install it before you can use it. (This is difficult in a school because most schools block downloads to reduce potential viruses).

I was sure that edublogs would be the best place to have my students create their own blog, but after I played around with it I was so disappointed to see that advertisements would pop up in my posts and I was unable to delete them. To me, this is a money making tactic by edublogs because I would have to spend money to upgrade inorder to get rid of the advertisements and have control over the content of my blog. You also have to spend money to have access to the cool templates and designs. Just because a 2.0 tool has "edu" in front of it, doesn't necessarily mean it will be the best for educational purposes.

So which site am I going with? Definitely blogger.