Apr 30, 2011

QR Codes in the Classroom

I came across QR Codes (quick reader codes) a few weeks ago and learned how to use them and have been seeing them everywhere! I blogged about them in "My Digital Footprint is a Barcode" and have recently been researching ways to use them in the classroom. Here are some ways you could use them in your classroom:

1. Print to Audio:

3. Adding QR Codes to an assignment so students can check their answers.

4. I like the idea of adding a QR code in the back of books which links to a website for more information.

7. Create a print art project and add animation in a particular spot by adding a QR Code. Here is an example of how advertisers are doing this. "Print Campaigns."

What ideas would you add to this list?

Apr 9, 2011

Please include these educational videos in your playlist!

At Free Tech for Teachers, Richard Byrne has begun creating an educational youtube video playlist. He has listed seven great videos that are worth checking out. I would include these valuable videos to his playlist:

A Vision of K-12 Students Today (different one than Byrne has listed)

Apr 2, 2011

My digital footprint is a bar code?

I heard about people having their own "bar codes" a while ago, but laughed it off. I guess I just didn't know what I didn't know or perhaps was not ready for my own barcode. Today I was surfing around and saw Cybraryman's webpage and noticed a little barcode and underneath the barcode it said "QR Code for this page." I immediately wondered why someone would want their own barcode? Is it even possible to have your own bar code?

So I began to do a little research. First, I went to wikipedia and learned that a QR Code is short for "Quick Response" code (Wikipedia). Wikipedia claims that QR codes were initially used to track vehicles and are now very popular in Japan and South Korea and that it is slowly catching on in the west (Wikipedia). QR Codes store text, URLs, contact information, pretty much anything!

I went to Twitter and searched for #QRCodes and found some more information. Some people are using QR Codes for their resumes, business cards, and even making stickers of their codes to put on their laptops, brochures for conferences, etc.

It was time to try this out and see how I would use it and/or if I would even use it. I tried two code generators, Qurify and Kaywa, mostly because they were the top hits for my google search.

I added my url for this blog:

Then clicked "create."

Here is what I got from Kaywa:

And my code from Qurify:

Strange, they really did look the same. Could this really work? So I grabbed my iphone and downloaded "QR Code Reader" (for free) and scanned my codes and my blog appeared!

I love it! I think I will be adding my QR Code to my blog (for sure) and to my business cards, and I am excited to print some stickers too!