Sep 15, 2011

Words Their Way Meets Diigo!

Have you ever wondered how you could use your netbooks in a center during "Words Their Way?" I know one teacher that did!

(This idea is credited to our Grade 3 teacher Mr. Foote who spent a large portion of his evening thinking about and researching how to use Diigo (social bookmarking tool) in his classroom. He gave me permission to blog about his idea).

Here is what he shared with me:

While one group is finding patterns in words through "making and breaking" words, another group is building word meaning playing pictionary with whiteboards, the third group is doing a variety of sorts, the fourth group could be using netbooks to search for words online in sites like National Geographic for Kids. Not only are they reading the articles, but they can be highlighting and adding words through the powerful collaborative tool called "Diigo."

Considering effective integration and "thematic teaching," if students are learning about animals, for example, they could do a "word hunt" by reading an online article and highlighting the words that they find and even adding them on a sticky note where others can respond/comment on.

Article from National Geographic for Kids: (using Diigo)
Clifford Online: (using Diigo)

You could take it a step further, and have students add a question or a response to the article through the "comment" tool on diigo, or through the sticky note tool.

You could do the same on any virtual site. You would need to consider that diigo works on most webpages, but not in PDF files.

Here are some more examples to get you thinking about the possibilities:

Pop Magazine (Canada's Adventure Magazine for Kids)

So many possibilities! Thank-you Mr. Foote!

Need resources to learn about Diigo?

This should be enough to get you started. Remember you can always google your question.