Aug 24, 2011

Why igoogle?

I recently had the opportunity to use igoogle. I never thought much of it before, but after playing around with it the last couple of days, I think it is pretty great.

Many search engines have "personalized homepage" capabilities where users can customize their page with the local weather, quote of the day, joke of the day and many other types of gadgets. Google's "Personalized Homepage" is now called "igoogle" and it really takes the homepage "up a notch!"

I think one of the best parts of igoogle is that your google reader, calendar and email (and other cool gadgets) are all on one page.

With igoogle you can:
  • check your mail without going to your inbox
  • update your blog
  • check your facebook
  • add your social bookmarks like delicious
  • check your twitter account
  • you can connect with others through the igoogle chat feature
  • surf the web
  • Create your OWN theme with thememaker
    Simply upload your favorite picture, customize your colors on the page and your igoogle has it's very own, unique theme. (The only downfall to making your own theme, is that you have to add it to igoogle's theme gallery)

Before I use igoogle in the classroom with my students, I need to consider ways to ensure that students will not come across some of the inappropriate themes and gadgets. I wonder if igoogle will be getting a filtering system?