Oct 13, 2012

Benefits of Blogging

We started blogging with three other schools around the world and the students have been very excited about this. Our school in Alberta is connected with students in:
                                                     Tasmania, Australia
                                                     Kansas City, Missouri
                                                     Waterloo, Ontario

The way quad blogging works is that one school is the focus for one week. This increases the blogging audience and gives students a purpose and audience to blog for.  Our class blogged first and as a result of only one week of blogging with these other schools, some pretty neat connections were made.

One connection was from a story that our students have been reading called "Where the Red Fern Grows." The setting for this book is in the Ozarks.  Students have learned that our Kansas City buddies live in the Ozarks.  How cool that we can learn from real people, in real time about life in the Ozarks!

Another connection was about various landforms.  One student was studying the grassland region in Alberta and was curious about Hoodoos, so she researched hoodoos then blogged about it.  Students in Australia replied to her post and shared what they knew about hoodoos and commented that they have similar landforms in Australia.  Watching her excitement, she quickly began googling other kinds of land formations around the world that might be similar to Hoodoos.

It is our turn to have the blogging audience again this upcoming week and we will be sharing pictures of what we have been learning about Alberta and look forward to feedback from our global peers!