Apr 30, 2011

QR Codes in the Classroom

I came across QR Codes (quick reader codes) a few weeks ago and learned how to use them and have been seeing them everywhere! I blogged about them in "My Digital Footprint is a Barcode" and have recently been researching ways to use them in the classroom. Here are some ways you could use them in your classroom:

1. Print to Audio:

3. Adding QR Codes to an assignment so students can check their answers.

4. I like the idea of adding a QR code in the back of books which links to a website for more information.

7. Create a print art project and add animation in a particular spot by adding a QR Code. Here is an example of how advertisers are doing this. "Print Campaigns."

What ideas would you add to this list?


Dave Lanovaz said...

Place a QR code on a worksheet that links to a video explaining the key concepts.

Can also be used on a field trip. Place QR codes at certain locations. Scan the link which takes you to information about what is being viewed.

Kim Wedman said...

Having students build their own QR codes would be a neat activity for problem solving. You could use the codes to build a collaborative math center where they could solve the problems that others had created.

Ian H. said...

I don't know about in the US, but in Canada, the government designed a QR Code generator embedded in our passport application PDFs. It's supposedly secure, but you can see it change as you add information to the form: http://www.ppt.gc.ca/form/index.aspx?lang=eng

I imagine we'll be seeing a lot more of this type of application, since it saves time on data entry and is less error-prone.

A. said...

Thanks for sharing the ways that qr codes can be used to engage students in their learning. It is truly awesome to be a part of the unlimited ways that technology can enhance learning.