Mar 6, 2010

Digital Exit Slips

I have to say that it is because of DIIGO, Twitter and my blog networks, that I find some pretty neat 2.0 tools. I have found that since I have been extending my networks, I save time because the popular teaching tools spread pretty fast.

For example, I found wallwisher tonight because I went to DIIGO to see what my networks were finding, (and I saw wallwisher) and then twitter (where I saw wallwisher) and can you guess what I found when I went to my favorite blogs? Yes! I found wallwisher, so i thought I should probably play around with it, since it seemed to be popular on all 3 of my networking sites.

What is wallwisher?

Wallwisher is an "Internet application that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily" (wallwisher).

How could it be used in the classroom?

Here is a great resource:

I recently used it like an exit slip. For example, in Math students posted why they love Math:

We are also using it to collaborate with other communities to an answer the question: "What makes your community special?"

Wallwisher seems pretty great for three reasons:

1. You don't have to sign in or register to post a comment

2. It is collaborative

3. It is a quick way to reflect and collaborate with others

4. You can moderate comments on your wall with the "idiot fixer." (yes, that is the technical term the wallwisher people use.) When you set up your wall, you just click a little button to approve all posts.

Try it with this wall on 21st century learning. You just have to click "post a sticky."


Aviva said...

Great post, Danielle! I love using Wallwisher with my students, and they love using it too. I really like your Community Wallwisher idea. We're learning about our community and community helpers right now, so I think that I'll create a similar Wallwisher for my students to use. I'll show them your Wallwisher too. Thanks for the great idea!

Danielle said...

Thank you Aviva! Would your grade ones mind posting on our "community wall?"

Even though u r in Ont., we would love to learn about the similarities and differences and landmarks in your community....a global cnnection for them :)

Aviva said...

Danielle, we would love to post on your community wall, but we're off on March Break this week. Can we post next week? I'm sure that my Grade 1's would love another community connection!