Feb 9, 2015

Taking Blogging Up A Notch!

I have been considering new and different ways to engage students in blogging. I came across an article titled, "Hot Blogging: A Framework to Promote Higher Order Thinking," and in this article Zawilinski (2009) described four different types of blogs that are common in elementary classrooms. These include classroom news blogs, mirror blogs, showcase and literature response blogs. Classroom news blogs are used to update parents on what is happening in the classroom. Mirror blogs are a reflective blog, where students reflect on something learned. Showcase blogs are used to showcase student work and teachers will showcase a variety of things including art work. Literature response blogs are used for responding to literature.

Another way to blog is called quad blogging. With this type of blogging, four blogging classes come together and learn about one another one week at a time. Each week a different blog in the quad is the focus and the other three classes take the time to visit and comment on their blog. Research showed that there are many different types and uses of blogs in the classroom.

Here are some samples of different blogs: (Zawilinski, 2009)

Classroom News Blogs:

Mary Castle’s first grade blog: http://michellesmelser.blogspot.com
Mr. Thompson’s second grade classroom blog: http://gcs.infostreamblogs.org/tthompson
Mary Kreul’s 4th grade class:  http://mskreul.edublogs.org

Mr. Monson’s grade 5 blog: http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php

Mirror Blogs:

Edublogs Insights: http://anne.teachesme.com

The Miss Rumphius Effect: http://missrumphiuseffect.blogspot.com

Carol Marits’ Grade Four Class: http://classblogmeister.com/

Brian Crosby’s 6th Grade Class: http://classblogmeister.com/

Grade 1/2/3 Class Blog:

Showcase Blogs:

Have Fun with English!  http://fwe2.motime.com

Ms. Cassidy’s Grade One Classroom Blog:  http://

Literature Response Blogs:

Mary Kreul’s Class Blog:  http://mskreul.edublogs.org/tag/lit-

Bearup’s Bloggers Fourth Grade:  http://classblogmeister.com/

English Corner (sixth grade): http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?

How will you take blogging up a notch?


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