Feb 2, 2015

Padlet in the Classroom

Padlet is a virtual wall or virtual bulletin board. It works like an 

online piece of paper where users can add sticky notes with

text, images and videos on it.  Here are some ideas on using

padlet in the classroom. It is now a chrome app and can be 

found in the web store.

Here is a tutorial on Padlet:

How can you use it in the classroom?

1. KWL Chart- Students can add sticky notes about what they

 know, what they want to know and what they learned.

2. Exit Slips- add a sticky note about what they learned, 

connections, new ideas and wonderings.

3.  Researching- collaborate and add research with sticky 


4. Showcasing student work- add photos of their learning. 

(digital portfolio)

5. Documenting Words Their Way sorts:

How can you use it?

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