Dec 3, 2010

How does google really work?

I heard about googlebots a while ago and began to wonder if they really do help make my searches more efficient.

I went to one of my favourite networks (youtube) to find answers to my wonderings. The video below does a fine job of explaining how the google search engine works. It discusses the "spiders" or google bots, which are sent out and go to websites to collect data. One type of data that they collect include the number of people that visit a site. When you search for something, know that the sites that appear first for you have been ranked by the bots based on how many hits (visits) it has had.

There are certain "tricks" that you can learn to refine your searches and to get more of what you want. It would be important for students to research ways to effectively search and to find tips and tricks for their research assignments. They can use simple tricks discussed below and search for "google + operators" where they will find google cheat sheets and guides to help specify searches. I typed in "google + operators" and came up with some quick, easy tips (and cheats) to refine my searches so that I get what I am searching for.

Here are 5 quick tips to begin efficient searching:

1. By adding "intext" before key words in a search, you get a search for the word in the main body of the text.

2. By adding "inurl" to a search will give you terms within just the url (uniform resource locator-the web address). If you want to see what the website you searched for looked like the last time the bot visited the page, just add the term "cache" before the url in the search.

3. By adding "info:" to the search, you will get just the information on the subject.

4. To find sites that have keywords in the title of a page add "intitle:" or "allintitle"

5. To find links to a particular webpage add "link:" before the url in your search.

Don't forget about the google advanced feature!

Students and teachers can save time and get great information when they know how to find it and understand how it found them!

Happy surfing!

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