Oct 5, 2010

What is student engagement?

I recently visited a teacher's classroom and enjoyed watching students being completely engaged in their learning. I could tell they were engaged because they were on task and you could hear students talking about what they were discovering.

Students were answering the question: In what ways do natural resources and the physical geography of a region determine the establishment of communities?

During this Social Studies lesson, students created their own "community walk" through a very cool 2.0 tool. Considering this was the first time students were using this tool, you would expect that the learning would be about the tool, but it was so interesting to watch the students take off and completely engage in the various cities/towns that they were researching. Students researched the towns and cities to discover the region using google images and street view.

Here is the great 2.0 tool called "Community Walk."

Here is an example of a community walk:

CommunityWalk Map - Map 731016


Anonymous said...

What a great way to engage students and allow them to experience virtually a different part of the country:)

iambeamer said...

It was pretty exciting.

Kim Wedman said...

Sorry I don't know why my comment yesterday was anonymous - it was me:)
There is nothing better than seeing success with students.

Danielle Spencer said...

Hahha! Ya, thanks for telling em it was you. I was a wee bit curious.
Yes it is pretty fun watching children have fun with their learning.