Apr 13, 2012

What would you like to learn about?

In Science the grade twos are inquiring about "small crawling and flying creatures." Today students used instagrok to research some bugs.

Instagrok is "an interactive web search engine for learners." If students search for "ants" for example, the search engine returns "key facts," "websites," "videos," and "images" along with
"quizzes," and "concepts." There is a content filter within this search engine to protect students from seeing offensive content. I did a variety of searches before hand and found this site to be pretty safe.

One of the best features of this site, is filtering content based on grade level. When searching for ants, you can use the "little Einstein" to find content that is appropriate to your learning level. For Grade 2, we moved the scroll bar to the far left. The information was at their reading level and the videos and websites were also at their level.

There are a variety of other features on instagrok including the "journal" where students can record notes and pin items that they want to keep for later. We just started with the basics today, but look forward to using this search engine for more research. They enjoyed researching different bugs and were very excited to see a variety of pictures of bugs, videos of bugs and different websites. I will certainly have my Grade 2 students use this site again!

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