Aug 20, 2010

In what ways can we help our students build their PLNs?

As we begin a new school year and move forward into the 21st Century vision, I wonder how we build on what we did last year, and begin to help students identify their PLN?

The picture below is a great starting point and helps us to identify the necessary steps that we need to take with 2.o.


Kim Wedman said...

Great diagram for looking at ways to help students begin to identify and develop their own PLNs in 2.0. As I look at expanding my own PLN and how to help others map out and identify the path they will choose to take on their PLN, I realize that it is very important to branch out from the individual person, to the community, and then to the world. As people realize the resources, experts, and tools that they draw upon on a daily basis, they will discover how large their PLN is and hopefully see a direction that they would like to go in. Students from a young age will have a much more diverse PLN and opportunity to expand it through technology if they are shown the tools and given the resources to be responsible digital citizens.

Danielle Spencer said...

Absolutely, Kim. What I am finding so interesting as I watched people on twitter the past year and began to build my PLN, was who I wanted to connect with. There are "bigger" experts than George, but his style intrigues me and he is an expert to me. I will learn (and have been learning) more from him than the big techie gurus. I learn what I am wanting to learn right now from him. I love this global community!