Apr 4, 2009

A Vision of the Future: Learning in the 21st Century

My vision of the future, for learning in the 21st Century, evolved as a result of EDES 501 and EDES 545. In EDES 501 my eyes were opened to all the collaborative web 2.0 tools available to engage students in learning. I had so much fun learning about new technologies for learning, that I couldn't resist taking EDES 545.

This course began with an engaging reading of Joyce Valenza's powerful and thought provoking Manifesto and from there we delved into the Schoolwide Library Issue, where we explored current research and ideas of the emerging Library 2.0. This course challenged some of my preconceived notions as we discussed and debated many topics and issues including:

1. Teaching Digital Natives
2. Filtering
3. The Digital Divide
4. Intellectual Freedom
5. Privacy
6. Technology Integration
7. Technology Professional Development

As I began to form my vision of the future, I decided to take pictures of different parts of the school and pictures of students using technology. As I took pictures of students engaged in their learning, I heard a voice whisper:

They are the future and the future is now.

What would learning in the future look like to me? I started looking at where we are and exploring possibilities based on what I have learned in this course and EDES 501. I added quotes from the readings, especially from Valenza's inspiring Manifesto. I felt these quotes summarized my vision of what teaching and learning with technology could and should look like.

What will you do to transform your classroom for learning in the 21st Century?


Carol N. said...

Great video, Danielle! The song you chose was perfect for it - and I loved how you put it all together.

Joanie said...


Your Vision blew me away! I kept thinking I'd never seen the video before and how incredible it was and how I wish I'd found it before to embed in my own wiki and then I saw the credits and went "Dang, the girl made it herself! Unbelievable! She's incredible!"

The song, the vision, the quotes, the images and they way you put it all together...where do I begin. Danielle, you are fabulous. I have to learn to master this tool.I can't wait to play.You've got me excited about the possibilities.

Are you on Library Ning? I would love to pass this on to a fellow in our District who is the webmaster for Joyce Valenza. This needs to go further afield and be shared with others. Thank you, thank you for visually showing what we are all thinking after this coursework. Are you letting us all use this to show at our own staff meetings?