Dec 18, 2014

Christmas Kahoots!

You can jazz up any Christmas celebration with a Christmas Kahoot!  Here are some Christmas Kahoots that look pretty fun:

Chrsitmas Kahoot  (22 questions)

Christmas Quiz of Doom on Kahoot:

Christmas Quiz of Doom  (13 questions)

For this one, students will need to use google and find the answers to the questions:

Google Search Christmas Kahoot  (9 challenging questions!)

(You can learn to set up a Kahoot in my previous post: Kahoot is such a hoot!)

Have Fun and Merry Christmas!

Sep 20, 2014

Kahoot is such a hoot!

I recently tried "Kahoot" with my science class. Kahoot is "a classroom response system which creates an engaging learning space, through a game based digital pedagogy" (Kahoot).  It is really easy to create a quiz game and super easy for kids to join the game that can be played on any device. My students LOVED it!  

Here's how:

The first thing you need to do is sign up at "Get a Kahoot." (It is free!) Here is the link:  Once you have an account you can create a quiz. 

Step 1: Choose whether you want to give a quiz, discussion, or survey.
Step 2: Give the quiz a name.
Step 3:  Add a question.

You can add a photo if you want. I added photos to help those students who are more visual.

Step 4: Add a new question. Just click in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 5: When you have your questions, save your game.  In class, you will need to login to your kahoot account and load your game. Click on the "me" button at the top left of the page. 

This will take you to your quizzes. Next, choose a quiz and click play.

Then click launch. Make sure this is projected on a screen in your classroom. 

Once it is launched, your students will need to login to this site:

Students enter the game pin that is on the screen in your classroom. It will look like this:

Students will need to enter a nickname. This is a great opportunity to talk about giving out real names and nicknames in cyberspace.  Once students enter their names, you are then ready to click "start now" from your screen.

They liked this game because they earn points based on the speed that they answer each question and if whether they answer it correctly.  It was very exciting!  I liked it because everyone was excited and we were able to review and discuss key concepts from our week of learning in a super engaging way!  I have also set up a "Kahoot" box and students add questions (with the answer) to it throughout the week. Then I add the questions to the next kahoot quiz.  Kahoot really is a hoot!